How much do driving lessons cost?

How much do driving lessons cost in the Loughborough / Melton Mowbray area?

I charge:

1 hour driving lesson £28
1.5 hour driving lesson £42
2 hour driving lesson £56
10 hour block booking £280

How many hours would be suitable for my lesson?

In my experience a one hour driving lesson, although suitable and convenient for most, does not allow enough time in the car to effectively practice what you have learnt. This could mean it takes longer to pass your driving test.

Two hour lessons are beneficial for a faster pass. The lesson allows for good preparation as well as valuable time in the car.

However, sometimes these lessons can be too long for some and therefore I would recommend one and a half hour lessons. This option has been the most favourable choice by my past pupils as they’ve found it offered them value for money and effective time in the car which equals a happy student eager for their next lesson.

We can discuss what option is best for you.

Passplus – £180 (6hrs)

Practical training course which is useful for new drivers to improve their skills and enable them to drive more safely. There is no test and can be completed in the year after passing your driving test.

Once completed you could qualify for a discount on your insurance. Ask your insurer if they offer Pass Plus discount.

Motorway Lessons / Full Licence Driver Refresher – £32/hr

The motorway can be very worrying to new drivers. Its fast pace, with more lanes than a dual carriageway, can be intimidating. Drivers act differently. There are different set of rules and hazards to deal with that are not covered in your previous practical driving lessons.

With a minimum of two hours, we will cover practical situations and cover rules of the motorway.

Intensive Courses

Before booking an intensive course, talk to me. Everybody has a unique learning style and therefore learn at different speeds. Intensive courses, whilst they suit some, can be totally unsuitable for others.

I would like to discuss previous driving experience, theory test dates / expiry dates. I also need to consider your and my availability before a course is booked.

Even if the conditions above are all right, I’ll still carry out a suitability tester session to develop an appropriate lesson plan – £54 for a two hour introductory session.

Test Fees

Theory £23.00
Practical Car Test (Weekdays) – £62.00
Practical Car Test (Evening and Saturday) – £75.00
Practical Car Extended Test – £124.00, Saturday – £150

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